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Three girlfriends take a weekend road trip to evade from their personal problems. While traveling, they clash with another girl, who’s amidst more pressing trouble. Together, they all take an unexpected turn that leads them to self-discovery. 

This is a road series about real women looking for answers in the digital feminism times.

Country: Mexico
Director: Diego Martínez-Ulanosky
Running time: text
Genre: Dramedy
Screenplay: Diego Martínez-Ulanosky
Production companies: Caponeto
Producers: Raúl Aragón, Diego Martínez-Ulanosky, Estefanía Leal, Octavio Gortázar
Cast: Tessa Ía, Bárbara López, Lucía Uribe, Coty Camacho, Diego Calva
Festivals: text
Distribuitor: Netflix