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Four teenagers face the tragedy and absurdity of coming-of-age in Mexico City: Martín gets into trouble after confessing his feelings for someone; Daniel no longer wants to be treated as a kid, but has some issues with the law; Dulce is a bully who just wants to get some love; and Pedro decides overnight to stop speaking like a normal person. Searching for their own identity, all of them have an irritating obstacle right in front of them: adults.

Country: Mexico
Director: Carlos Armella
Running time: 105 min
Genre: Comedia Drama
Screenplay: Carlos Armella
Production companies: CAPONETO Cine, B Positivo Producciones, CTT Exp & Rentals, Óxido (MX)
Producers: Marion d’Ornano, Diego Martínez-Ulanosky, Yadira Aedo
Cast: Iñaki Godoy, Mario Palmerín, Rodrigo Cortés, Daniela Arce
Festivals: Morelia International Film Festival 2020
Distribuitor: Piano (Theatrical – MX), HBO Max (USA)